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HoneyMaxx Sports Drink

Honey Based. All-Natural. Sports Hydration Mix.

HoneyMaxx is the world's first honey-based sports drink. If you are tired of consuming litres of highly processed, highly refined sugars during your workouts and are looking for a healthy all-natural alternative, HoneyMaxx is for you.

HoneyMaxx can be consumed prior to, during or after workouts for energy and electrolyte replacement. Its primary use is during exercise or anytime you sweat.

HoneyMaxx is THE choice for kids. HoneyMaxx does not contain any refined sugars or artificial ingredients. When using HoneyMaxx for kids, simply use less powder. A half scoop would be an ideal serving for athletes from 9-14 years old.

HoneyMaxx is a sports hydration drink in powdered form. Each bag contains a scoop. Simply scoop the powder into a re-usable water bottle, mix and consume.

Each 500g bag of HoneyMaxx contains 20 servings.

!!! Currently SOLD OUT in all flavours!!!

Please email info@honeymaxx.com for pre-ordering next available drink mix

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